Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 1 - Crafty Project for Gleaners - Trash Mail Paper Cranes

Today is this first week for Crafty Projects for Gleaners, and todays project is trash mail paper cranes!
This is a great way to use up your junk mail and will change the way you look at your mail forever.

Without further procrastination - here are the steps to create your very own trash mail crane!

Step 1 - Find an envelope in your mailbox and discard the contents.
Step 2 - Open the envelope carefully to show the printing on the inside.

Step 3 - Cut the envelope into a square using sissors or a rotary cutter and ruler.
Step 4 - follow the diagram below to fold your square into a paper crane.

Step 5 - Enjoy the paper crane you made!

You can make as many as you would like and there are lots of fun things to do with them.  You could send them to a friend as a gift, or hang a few in your window from string.

I hope you enjoy this project and look foward to next weeks post for more Crafty projects for Gleaners!

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